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The word of the Iraqi center for women rehabilitation & employment.

When nature starts, it was a little baby girl, then it grows and became a young girl then a beautiful woman, passes as a wonderful angel. It was the birth and it was Iraq.
The Iraqi center for women rehabilitation & Employing women is non governmental and not political women organization. We try from the first to deal with all the cases that related to the women from all the positions such as housewives, students, employees and businesswoman. We work with and for the woman in order to get her rights; we were with her in order to make her know the meaning of the elections to make her practice her right in these elections and in the constitution.

We work very hard in order to achieve different requests that are confirming the woman’s rights until we arrived to the decisions makers depending on our Survey Unit result to say this is the sound of public . We work so hard in order to raise her cultural level and we stood against all the types of violence very specialized workshops on Gender ,women leadership capacity Building ,literacy in Villages , we fight through many projects with other sisters & contribute about Quota which at last fixed in our constitution not less than 25% in Perlman , we tried to liberate her economically.

Through seven Campaigns we achieve (267) activities which include Sixth regional conferences Nation wide ,workshops in Iraqi Ministries for women employers TV spots ,Radio programs ,young ladies in Universities.

Business women in Economic sector are one of our priority in work as well house wives in cities & specially in rural area.

During violence period 2005,2007 (icwre) reach & work in the hotest places in Baghdad , AlKarkh & Alrusapha ,Al Faluja ,AlMousul ,help refuges ,as first aids ,relief & now we are working for them to back to their homs .

we believe that through Arts & Artists we can do so much like Festivals Art Exhibitions to Market our youth &women products, Mobile theaters .please visit the Gallery Icon in our website.
Please see Activities then go to (Our Achievements) Icon. click the Icon for more details .

Places of work:
we work through our Branches in :
1- Baghdad.(our main office )
2-Kirkuik.(our second branch)
4- Deyala(our third Branch)
As well through our coordinators in Alanbar, AlFaluja,Almousul, AlBasrah,AlNassiriya, Alhilaa, Suleiman.&

We work also on rehabilitating women economically especially in the small projects which can restrict down the jobless of the youth, and also it can help the divorced and bachelor women and widows. We are trying to develop and support them with their families and we help them with many ways in order to pass the poverty and the accruals of the present situations in Iraq.

IDPS in our country took wide space of our concentration in hott places in Baghdad (AlKarkh & Alrusafa) & other governorates. we concentrate on Economic building Capacity for trurnees as well relief assistance .

All past acheivments through our 5 departments ,Training,Buisiness,culture ,economical & research departments.

We spent our time in these work, and women were practicing their rights in the first and second elections and they knew the difference between those elections and woman was great and strong and faithful as she was all the time.
The phase between the establishing of the organization in 20/6/2004 till now was and still the most critical phases of Iraq’s history. It is very important because it is considered as the reversion points between the small and big endings. Iraqi woman occupies leading positions as decision makers, for example we had and still have ministers and pioneer parliamentarians.

Here, a logician question arises especially in the current situation of Iraq; it is why we put the achievements of the Iraqi women in a side and what are not achieved yet in another side? We will recognize that we have few achievements and we still need to achieve more. And if we compare between what is happening now in Iraq and what is should happen we will find that we are standing on a pit edge of the sectarian slipping between the brothers and even the man and his wife.

Here we can see the great role of woman and what the women organization should do in order to achieve their massage in developing the Iraqi woman and strengthen her relationship with her family and society and finally with her lovely country Iraq.

We are dealing with woman as an important part in making the decisions ,in political parties and as being the most important part in building the family.

ICWRE Initiatives:
1- Reach Net (RN) which consist of (20women organization) working on critical women Issue to reach making decision try to solve like (Reach Net suggestion to have amendment on article (41) in our constitution basing on the importance of Personal status law which prevent women & Iraqi Family rights. they are on going in their work not only on this Issue but to stop Violence against women too.

2- The Iraqi Peace Net: which consist of (40 NGOS ) nation Wide lead by women the Board members is from Kurdish, Arab ,Turkmen, Christian. our message building Peace in Iraq & strengthen Iraqis Unity by National reconciliation & conflict resolution to reach peace in our country .

As well we are Founders in Many Nets like Civil Coalition for free Election(CCFE).

We are working with More than (500) Effective (NGOS), more than (700000)beneficiaries & 40000 member from all Iraq .

We are with you women and men in order to build Iraq and make it democratic and free country. We need to understand each other and work more and more for the sake of our country.
We are with you as friends to be close to each other to get the success; we promise you that this site will be your pulpit… and your small home and big country.

Jenan Mubarak
Chairwoman of the Iraqi center for women rehabilitation & employment
Head of Iraqi Peace Net.