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Second meeting on Development Cooperation between the EUD and Civil Society actors in Iraq
July 9th, 2019 – 10:00am to 17:30pm @ Rasheed hotel - Baghdad
ICWRE participate in important workshop with EUD as one of the important NGOs in Iraq work with international organization since 14 years as partners & get grants from many international organizations like many of UN agencies ,reference letters ready on request .

Objectives of the workshop with EUD:

1. Presentation of the present and future EU cooperation in Iraq (overall cooperation and specific support to Civil Society)
2. Discussions collecting CS feedback on the Civil Society landscape (Enabling Environment, CS Capacity and CS Participation)
3. Discussions related to CS views on specific sectors of EU support.

Recommendations :
1- Survey will be sent to Ngos to evaluate their capacity to work with next period.
2- Their notes & Idea about security effective factors in Iraq.
3- Other important other needs for Iraqi civil society .