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((Awareness workshops for vulnerable women))

Target areas: Baghdad/AlKarkh - Rashid District: Baya, Abu Dshir, Dorah, , AlSaidiya, Aliilam ,Almaalif , our center surrounded by above areas which represent one of the strength point in addition to our relation ships with local councils mentioned above
ICWRE held 16 workshops to raise awareness about early marriage, marriage outside the court , and the law wife missing , kinds & causes of violence against women
Total No's 16 workshop and the number of beneficiaries 320, the workshop was held in the municipal councils and participate in each workshop 10 women battered and 10 of the local leadership to help women and provide Strategy solutions to solve these problems.
Many recommendations as out comes help us to solve women problems in future ,one of the important recommendations:
Campaign to stop harassment against women, establishing listening & social centers to help women .