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Legal Clinic for marginalized women and displaced persons Project
Iraqi Center for Women rehabilitation & employment ended and run legal clinic for women marginalized and displaced people within access to justice program , with the support of USAID, where our center now member in legal clinic network for Baghdad, please visit the Legal Clinic site on Facebook:
Also, please watch the movie in which our clinic appear as part of a film that speaks of the network of legal clinics:

Project duration: one year from 22/04/2014 to 22/04/2015
Target areas: Baghdad/AlKarkh - Rashid District: Baya, Abu Dshir, Dorah, , AlSaidiya, Aliilam ,Almaalif , our center surrounded by above areas which represent one of the strength point in addition to our relation ships with local councils mentioned above
Project activities: divided into Four sections
receipt of the issues and advocacy in the courts to help marginalized women in getting their rights for free, the number of issues required by the donor 150
To provide free legal advice required number of consulting by the donor 700
workshops raise awareness about early marriage and the law wife missing number
16 workshop and the number of beneficiaries 320, the workshop was held in the municipal councils and participate in each workshop 10 women battered and 10 of the local leadership to help women and provide Strategy solutions to solve these problems.
Mobile Clinic: The clinic is made up of a lawyer and a driver to be in contact with the coordinator of the project, which in turn encounters with the municipal council to coordinate where women gather to have issues in Evacuee municipal periodically and weekly to meet with the lawyer in charge of the mobile clinic and discuss issues and then bring the archives remain beneficiary connected through the organization.

Target group: marginalized women, battered women (divorced, widowed, single) displaced families
The number of cases received and that has been accomplished by our 174 over required, including the issue of paternity cases, 24 cases of divorce, marriage outside the court 17 ratification, take care of the salaries of 24, and the issues of displaced cards their missed IDS : 45 issue in addition to other issues
the number of consultations and this figure is above the required 800 consultation.
Workshops and the number of beneficiaries who is also above the 350 required