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Foras project funded by Fras program funded by USAID
The Iraqi center for women and employment keep implementation of the project (opportunities) for the period from 1 /9 / 2014 to 31/10/2014, a pilot project in the field of operation of marginalized women without support (widows, divorcees and very poor women ) the number of women expected to get jobs in the private sector 210 woman and 90 men of the displaced families the project was implemented with the support of program opportunities USAID ,Iraq ,
duration of the project: one month our center will implement the project through grassroots feminism Center's database ,project is implemented through two workshops daily in the morning for women and evening for young people in collaboration with the Democratic center for youth Rehabilitation main goal of the project : get women and young displaced unemployed to jobs after enable them to resume writing and recording at the gate of opportunities and interviewing successfully, project connects employers needy and got many women approvals interviews for work, (seats very limited) and for very short period. for registration of applications contact: 07726731691 with appreciation and wishes for success for each women & men .